What we do ...


The Mitigate Groups’ senior consultants have the expertise and experience to guide you through your business challenges and projects. We have helped and served businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises to Global 2000 companies.


  1. Improve the actualization of risk:
    We improve below-the-line results by preventing many incidents
    that result in loss or devaluation of physical or intellectual


  2. Deflect liability:
    We structure governance and compliance systems that shift
    liability from corporations, boards, and corporate officers to bad
    actors found willfully violating well-establish and managed policies and procedures.  This protects against private and government actions, and preserves reputation.


  3. Reduce the compliance burden:
    MG takes on compliance issues, keeping the customer focussed on its vision and mission.


  4. Comprehensive approach:
    We bring a comprehensive approach covering people, process, information and technology, starting with strategy and completing with actionable operating processes.


  5. Proven Practices:
    We bring the world’s best, most effective and well-adopted, standards and frameworks to bear in internal governance development and risk mitigation. This improves overall operational cost, ensures good alignment with common compliance activities such as audit, and optimizes and integrates staff knowledge with the larger world of best-practice.